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Picked from our own orchard on Hainan Island

Fresh tropical calamansi that is tart and full of flavor

Freshness you can trust!!

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    Calamansi is a well known fruit in tropical areas like Okinawa (Japan), Taiwan, Philippines, and Hainan island (China).  Calamansi is a hybrid between citrus and kumquat. Unlike the other citrus fruit, the skin of calamansi is very thin. Calamansi is aromatic, sour and refreshing. It is a great ingredients for drinks, desserts, dressings and many more. 

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    Green lemon has a delicate fragrance, and is more acidic than yellow lemon.  Great to be used in beverage and adds extra refreshness to any cuisine.  Green lemon is availalbe all year round (subject to weather condition).  Package: 20 pcs/bag

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items