• Yirgacheffe raw and unroasted green coffee beans origin:Eithopia species :arabica grade:2 processing:washed and sun-dried altitude :1700m-2200m asl  characteristics: medium body with high acidity, aroma of floral and                         pulped citrus fruits. The persistent aftertaste is reminiscent                         of caradomom and rose packing...

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  • Colombia raw and unroasted green coffee beans origin:Huila, Colombia grade: excelso size: supremo 18 species:arabica processing:washed and sun dried sustantial body and a medium acidity reminiscent of candied fruit, ripe plum and dried dates. The prolonged aftertaste evolved with surprising tinges of dark chocolate and rasins altitude:1200m-1600m...

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  • India Kappi Royal raw and unroasted green coffee beans origin:India species:robusta size:18 grade:1 processing :washed altitude :500-1000m characteristics:Thick body,pleasant milk chocolate noted with roasted                      cereals and hazelnuts flavour. The aftertaste is gifted                      by a spicy perception packing :2kg/bag

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  • Mandheling raw and unroasted green coffee beans species:arabica origin:Sumatra Indonesia altitude :750-1500m grade :1 processing :wet hulled characteristics:strong body and a delicated acidity accompanies notes                        of cocoa,cereals and an unexpected hint of spices.                         The aftertaste is reminiscent of liquorice...

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  • Vietnam raw and unroasted green coffee beans species:robusta processing : natural grade:1, selected size:18 origin: Vietnam altitude:600m characteristics:good body,moderate sweetness with a vien of                       chocolate,aromatic wood and malt.Aftertaste reveals                      slightly grassy and astringent packing:2kg/bag

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Coffee beans, Hong Kong milk tea powder, world famous teas and Taiwanese drinks- bubble tea supplier

Good Young (HK) Company Limited has been supplying quality beverage products with good tastes to catering industry in Hong Kong since 1997. Our mission is to select and supply both healthy and safe products to our clients. Our products are manufactured under HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system and we attentively select our suppliers to ensure your food safety. 

Innovation is one of our key stengths, and we constantly develop new products. The Hong Kong  milk tea bag, and instant Hong Kong  milk tea powder are revolutionary products in the industry as anyone can use these products to make authentic Hong Kong style milk tea at ease.

We offer various products, whether it is blended tea, freshly roasted coffee bean in Hong Kong, bubbles teas,syrup, topping, traditional Korean citron tea, organic tea, pure green tea powder and etc., we have it all. Look no further for your one stop beverage supplier!

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